Truth about Wrestling

So, your son tells you that he wants to take wrestling and you immediately envision him being lifted into the air by a testosterone filled kid wearing a Superman costume.

If the idea of wrestling brings fear to your mind based upon the images portrayed by what you have seen on TV. , then put your mind at ease. Youth wrestling is very different from the professional wrestlers on WWE.
Wrestling is an actual sport (an Olympic sport and collegiate sport); professional wrestling is an entertainment show, designed for shock value and high ratings. There are no rings used in wrestling, only mats designed for the purpose of the sport. Where professional wrestling uses crazy antics, costumes, and inappropriate attire and provides no safety benefits, youth wrestling is performed in a uniform that is equipped with safety gear such as head protection, knee pads, and regulation shoes. Each match is officiated by a referee. 2 wrestlers for every ref – guaranteed.

Safety is the primary concern when it comes to the sport of wrestling.
Entertainment and theatrics are the main point in professional wrestling.

One of the biggest fears that parents may experience is the thought that their child will be hurled across the room during an event. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, when it comes to the sport of wrestling, violent actions are not tolerated. The sport of wrestling involves hard work, determination, and a high degree of physical training and commitment. It is also a sport that does not promote violence in any way. Referees follow a strict set of rules to ensure the safety of the participants. Wrestling can help to develop strength, agility, speed and confidence and is an unbeatable self-defence activity for all ages.
Improvements in flexibility and range of motion can be gained from regular wrestling training along with a great all over body work out.


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  1. My 10 year old son is looking for a sport to improve his physicality, fitness and confidence. From what age can they get involved and where/costs etc

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