Vision & Strategic Plan

Vision Statement

To have a South Australian Olympian


  • To produce highly competitive athletes
  • To increase participation in the sport of wrestling
  • To have adequate funding for athlete, officials and club development
  • To raise the profile of wrestling in South Australia
  • To improve administration, planning and communication strategies


  • Involvement /scholarships by the end of 2012
  • To have wrestling as part of schools by 2012
  • To offer higher level competition and training, Using camps etc .
  • To get athletes to the Commonwealth Games in 2014
  • To maintain continuing Government Support

State/Club Level Activities

  • Schools program
  • Little Grapplers program
  • To reach other/ethnic groups
  • Expand Health and Fitness program
  • Continue to expand the pool of officials e.g. Referees, coaches and volunteers
  • To engage a paid administrative assistant
  • To apply for more Government funding
  • To organise better Fundraising e.g. raffles
  • To broaden membership
  • To sell advertising space on the website
  • To obtain sponsorship through effective marketing:
  • Advertise on council websites
  • Advertise on notice boards at such places as shopping centres, Flinders university and the immigration centre
  • Access the schools sporting calendar by canvassing school sports coordinators
  • Contact previous schools and wrestlers to revisit
  • Send out letters requesting financial sponsorship from old and current members, businesses etc.
  • To engage a paid administrative assistant
  • Keep website up to date at all times
  • Develop formal policies and procedures for key administration functions and athlete assessment
  • Maintain an up to date guideline for the selection process and expected competition attendance
  • To do a biannual review of the vision statement and strategic plan.